Competition prep…

Hello all! How did you start your week in the gym?

For me it was competition prep…

I feel extremely proud to have been selected to represent the Scotland team for the Four Nations Powerlifting Championships (held in Cardiff). This will be my first major event in my lifting career!

With just 12 days to go until I stand on the Powerlifting platform in Cardiff, I decided to start off my week with competition preparations.

I aim to rest up a week prior to the four nations – and complete what is called a ‘deload’ week, therefore, this week I must do my final 1 rep max testing.

Today was the day of the deadlift! What a successful training session it was to. I managed to pull a Personal Record out the bag and lift 152.5kg. My current body weight being 71kg!

This has given me great confidence and has put me on a high to start my week.

Sam and I finished off our training day with a Benchmark Hero WOD named DT. We felt inspired watching the Crossfit games this weekend and just had to give it a go!

DT consists of:

5 rounds for time

12 Deadlifts 70/50kg

9 Hang Power Cleans 70/50kg

6 Push Jerks 70/50kg

Scores: Sam 10:35, Emma 08:05

We played it sensible and we both scaled the weight. Sam went for 50kg and I went for 45kg. It was a fast and heavy wod – my favourite!

Now it’s time to fuel up for tomorrow’s training. Watch this space to follow my journey to National level competition…

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