Covid-19 Guidelines

Royals Gym Covid-19 Safety Statement

As of July 25th 2020, Royals Gym will be reopening under the following controlled conditions. This is to ensure your safety while using the facility and follows guidelines set out by the UK government.

  • Upon entry to the gym, hands must be sanitised. There are multiple stations throughout the facility allowing you do this as much as you wish. Gloves of any sort, inc training gloves are not to be worn.
  • We ask that you arrive ready to train, this will reduce contact and use within the changing facilities.
  • Changing facilities can be used, but are subject to social distancing rules. Currently 1m+ but will be subject to change.
  • Showers are out of use for the foreseeable future.
  • You will be issued a cloth upon entry and this will be used by you to wipe down all surfaces and equipment that you touch.
  • The gym is limited to 1 person per 100sq ft of floor space. To this end we have set up a booking system on our ClubLink app where you’re able to book on to your sessions which will prevent us from exceeding this limit. Time slots are 55minutes each, allowing a 5minute change over for the next session. This whole process will be reviewed as we move forward and is subject to change.
  • To ensure that air circulation is maintained we will be opening as many doors as possible to improve airflow.
  • Face masks are not currently mandatory but if you wish to wear them you are free to do so.