Sunday Bro Sesh!

Today we worked on some final strength exercises for our chest and triceps. Mainly for Emma’s benefit because she will now be resting in preparing for the 4 Nations powerlifting champs next weekend. Although it seems we have hit the chest quite hard this week I felt it was quite important for her to practice the bench press movement once more. With CrossFit being Emma’s main sport the bench press, as a compound movement isn’t something that she practices too often, in comparison to the squat and deadlift which often crop up in the WOD’s.

We began by changing our rep scheme to a heavy 5, 3, 2, 1. Working on techniques given earlier in the week by Chris Martin. For Emma this was to widen her grip, pinch her shoulder blades more and ensuring the feet are positioned correctly. The wider grip really seems to be working for her, which of course reduces the distance the bar has to travel.

FullSizeRender (2)

We then proceeded to do dumbbell press, mainly to isolate the individual arms as any weaknesses can very often be compensated by the stronger arm when using the barbell. Again a heavy 5×3 rep scheme, followed by some cable flys.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4)

Finally we worked the triceps, starting with over head tricep extensions. Emma found this quite difficult as she had never done the movement before so I put her back on the bench to do some close grip work. This was probably more beneficial as its more time on the bench getting used to that position and movement. Finally we finished the session with some heavy weighted dips working on a 5×5 rep scheme, myself at 28kg and Emma at 12kg. A great way to burn out the triceps but still working on our strength too.

I myself will continue to train this week and will relish the opportunity to get back in the weights gym as Emma rests up. Her only task to eat and sleep (easier said than done) and be ready to do the job on Saturday.