USA Road Trip: Day 18!

After some navigational issues on route to our Air BnB (there were TWO Broadway streets in the same small area!?).. We arrived to find two Chihuahua’s and a “cat that comes and goes” – I was very happy about this! We got ourselves settled in and took a walk around the quiet neighbourhood to buy some groceries. We got to work on editing go pro videos and our blog. After this we headed out to a local Italian restaurant and treated ourselves to a delicious dinner (90% carbohydrates).
Returning to our room we were met with a heat that felt like a steam room. Sadly, there was no air con for us!! It was a pretty uncomfortable night.
In the morning we took our last trip in the Mitsibushi Mirage. It was time to take the lil dude back to Dollar Rentals downtown. We were sad to say goodbye! In the end we drove 2,844 miles in that bad boy.

Today was the day I got to realise my Crossfit dream, by visiting and working out at the famous Crossfit Invictus! The home of my favourite female crossfitter Lauren Fisher! But first we had to get there …
Now, car – less, we had to figure out our way around town on foot or by “trolley” which is San Diego’s Tram system. After a short walk from the rental centre we got to a trolley station. After much frustration with the ticket machine (it didn’t like our British debit cards) and only took exact dollars).. We took a risk and hopped on ticket-less! Whoops. Luckily we got away with it.
We got off at 12th Street and College to take a short walk to Invictus!!! I could barely hold in my excitement. Skipping along the street we finally saw the big green V. We had arrived! We took the 12 class with Holden (Crossfit Games Team Competitor) which was a ‘performance class’. It consisted of Snatch technique and a conditioning partners wod of wall balls and burpees.

It was a great experience to be coached in this particular Olympic Lift by somebody so experienced and talented. For me, Snatch has always been the hardest skill in Crossfit to learn. I’ve battled with a few mobility issues and also have struggled to drop quickly under the bar to catch it in the bottom squat position. Holden gave me some good pointers and I feel that I now know what I need to do to keep improving. A lot of my issue with getting under the bar was to do with the angle of my back. My chest has been too far forward and my hips haven’t been fast enough. I’m excited to get back into training and get some heavier weight on that bar!
Sam and I felt that we performed pretty well in the wod, especially since burpees are not his favourite. I would say that burpees are particularly difficult if you are tall with long limbs (Sam!). He has a lot of Femur length to negotiate with!
Feeling truly exhausted and very sweaty we got to chat to Crossfit Games Athlete Garret Fisher! (Lauren’s older brother AKA Big Fish). We talked briefly about his Crossfit games performance and he’s already back into full time training for next years Games. We were sad to find out that Lauren was actually in surgery that day to sort an ongoing issue with the ligaments in her ankle. We wish her a speedy recovery!
Looking sweaty we got a quick photo with Coach Holden…